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Community-based Architecture in Rural New England

"Design Assembly" is a non-profit design-build program started in 2012 and operated by McLeod Architects as the hands-on teaching and learning lab of the practice. Design Assembly brings together a team of students, two architects, and a builder for eight intensive days to design, build, and install a project for a remote community in rural Maine, Vermont, or New Hampshire.  We think of it as architecture at its best. For more information, including an application to the next Design Assembly, please visit

High Performance Affordable Housing in Addison County, Vermont

In 2018 McLeod Architects began teaching design studios at Middlebury College to design ultra-sustainable affordable housing for Habitat for Humanity. Each project is a yearlong cycle involving the fall and spring semesters. Over the course of each cycle, the students take the project from initial research and analysis through design development and budgeting to permitting and complete construction documents. To date, the program has designed ten houses over the course of six cycles. This unusual opportunity at a liberal arts college challenges students to design for real, reacting to each site's unique opportunities and challenges.

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